Enrica Pasino

Tappeti Orientali e Kilim
Tessuti e Complementi d’Arredo
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15121 Alessandria (Italia)
Via XXIV Maggio, 1
Tel. +39 0131 264011
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In her profession as a collector Enrica Pasino entwines classical European rigour with Eastern exoticism. She entered the art world thanks to Persian carpets, an ancient and little-known path, discovering a fascinating world with a rich culture spanning thousands of years and different from her own Italian culture. In the Sixties and Seventies she travelled through Anatolia and Iran, going to the most remote tribal areas and selecting carpets and artwork. When she returned to Piedmont, she continued her research by studying the books – some of which rare – that she had collected in the meantime.

Starting in the mid-Eighties she also devoted herself to interior design, following the basic principle that each person must feel part of his or her own habitat. In Pasino’s collection the ancient European tradition is expressed in period furniture and paintings: magnificent canvases with fruit and flowers accompany delicate landscapes, and portraits of smiling ladies and proud horsemen observe us from the frames on the walls, illuminated by enormous chandeliers.

In a single art gallery, collectors and art lovers can find fragments of history and Oriental legends, juxtaposed with ancient European silver and contemporary design objects. Velvet and damask go hand in hand with ultramodern Scandinavian fabrics to link past and present.

“If I were asked to say what is at once the most important production of art and the thing most to be longed for, I should answer: a beautiful house”. William Morris 1894